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February 28, 2011

Day 59 Early Birthday Present

A very large box arrived today and since we didn't know what was in it we opened it.  We then figured out a little late that it was Ty's birthday present from his grandparents.  Of course by this point he had already saw it and there was NO WAY I was taking it back!

This picture is not the greatest, in fact its kind of bad.  But it goes to show that sometimes you just have to grab the shot.

He goes Ty zipping across the room on his new Radio Flyer scooter.....maybe Grandma should have put a helmet in that box as well!  LOL

February 27, 2011

Day 58 Who needs makeup?

I don't NEED makeup...I just buy it so every once in awhile so my youngest has something to finger paint with.

At least I'm assuming that's what he thinks.  I take my eyes off him for 2 minutes to come back to this.  
Don't even get me started about my eyeliner all over the floor and his face covered with foundation and my mascara.

At least the stuff is cheap...oh wait it's not!

February 26, 2011

Day 57 Child labour

Yes I admit it!  I am using my children for child labour.....of course they think its fun!

Armed with spray bottle and scrappers all the wall paper is getting removed from the living room :)  And its only costing me 5 bucks in allowance :)

Week 8

8 weeks already?  WOW  it seems like winter is just flying by :)

Day 51:  Baking Bread

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February 25, 2011

Day 56 Renovation time again!

We bought this house in October.  Most of the walls are covered in wallpaper and done in a style from the early 90's  My living room is no exception. It is forest green on top, white on the bottom with a 'lovely' border.  And then 2 of the walls are covered in another wallpaper. 

So far I have painted the bathroom and got rid of the seashell border and painted it brown.    I have also done one of the boys bedrooms and painted it Dylan's colour choice of bright blue.

Today I  decided to the living room needed done.  I peaked under the wallpaper and found more forest green paint under the wallpaper.  This should be fun. *insert sarcasm here*

February 24, 2011

Day 55 Are they not adorable?

Beautiful belly round 2!    I don't usually do 2 different sessions for one belly bump but since this was family I just had to have this bump back again this, time with the daddy to be.   Are they not the most adorable thing?  Can't wait for this baby to get here so I can get them back here again with a new bundle of joy!

February 23, 2011

Day 54 The bucket of socks

I hate folding laundry.

I will do almost anything to avoid this task.  Yesterday it got to the point where its was piled so high on my couch I swear it would touch the roof soon.  ( okay well not really but it was BAD)  

My husband finally sat down and started folding it to put it away.  I was happily watching American Idol and didn't really want to be folding laundry but he kind of guilt-ed me into it.  I  mean I can't just sit there and drink my diet coke and enjoy my evening while he spends his night folding our mountain of laundry.   So being the good wife I am, I helped.  ( Only because I felt guilty NOT because I wanted to, lets just make that clear)

So 2 hours later, yes you heard right it took TWO hours away from my relaxing evening, it was all folded and put away.  Minus of course all the dirty laundry on the laundry room floor that will probably get washed and dried by me and go back to a pile on the sofa. 

This morning I put the 2 older kids on the bus and then got my youngest dressed.  Which I may as well point out was a lot easier since all their clothes are in the drawers not on the sofa. The only thing not in the drawers yet was socks.  I have a laundry basket FULL of socks that need matched up still and put away.  ( yeah like that will actually happen) 

I had Ty all dressed including matching socks and left him to play. A half hour later he comes in to show me his new socks.  Apparently the bucket of socks is a lot of fun for an almost 3 year old who has just figured out how to get them on his feet properly.  Off were the nice matching socks I had put on him and in their place was one of his brothers socks inside out and my own yellow sock. 

He was very proud of his new socks......until an hour later when he once again changed those socks for 2 new ones from the bucket.

February 22, 2011

Day 53 Beautiful belly

Today I had a maternity shoot with my husbands cousin who is expecting her first child in about 2 weeks.  This was also my first real chance to use my new lights I got.   It was great fun and she has a gorgeous belly!  The lucky woman has no stretch marks at all!  Can't wait till Thursday when she comes back to do more!

February 21, 2011

Day 52 The Crazy Fort

The boys got a Crazy Fort  for Christmas and it makes for great fun....until they start using the pieces for other purposes.

Today they were using the sticks and balls as hockey sticks....it made it easy because they didn't have to actually chase the ball with the stick.  they just left it attached to it.

Oh the imaginations of kids :)

February 20, 2011

Day 51 What to do on a cold day

It's freeing out and the wood stove is roaring.

I decided to make use of the nice warm house and make some bread.

The stove makes a great spot to let bread rise :)

February 19, 2011

Day 50 Birthday Party

Dylan went to a birthday today for a little boy in is class.  

The roads were horrible so instead of leaving and driving back 3 hours later I just stayed.

They made canvas finger paintngs for al the kids to take home with them.  Dylan had a blast and now has a white canvas with his hand prints displaying proudly on his wall :)

Week 7 Review

Day 43  Don't panic he's not Choking.

Day 44 My new lights

Day 45 Oops

Day 46 A boy and his dog

Day 47 Bedtime with Daddy

Day 48 Oh hockey

Day 49 Soody Doo?
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February 18, 2011

Day 49 Soody Doo?

Today I went to let Hooch outside and noticed Dylan had added a little 'bling' to his collar.

I'm not sure who Soody Doo is, but I suspect he meant Scooby Doo.  I guess he is waiting just like me for our Great Dane to come this spring, until then I guess Hooch gets a new name :)

February 17, 2011

Day 48 Oh hockey

We are NOT a hockey family.

I don't really follow hockey and neither does my husband.  We do watch occasionally but not big into it.

My husband does not skate.  I know how to skate but have not done it since I was a kid.

That being said we have never really pressed the whole northern hockey thing onto our children.  Some people have there kids out learning how to skate by the time they can walk so they can start playing hockey at the age of 4.  My oldest learned how to skate at school.  His old school before we moved had an outdoor rink at the school and that is what they did for phys ed class in the winter. He has never skated at an indoor rink and occasionally I would take him out to the outside rink.

When we moved in October we bought a house that is right beside an outside rink.  Xander began taking complete advantage of this opportunity and is out there as much as he can.  This week he came home from the rink with a hockey stick.  An older boy gave it to him so he could play hockey with all the kids at the rink.  Since then hockey is all he has been talking about.  For a non hockey family he sure has taken to it.  Lets just hope he doesn't start asking questions about the rules of the game since I wouldn't be much help!

February 16, 2011

Day 47 Bedtime with Daddy

My youngest son is a momma's boy,  he likes to cuddle, and is always at my side.

In order for me to get a little break from him once in awhile my husband has to bribe him to sit with him. 

What does he do?

Takes the blanket and Ty's stuffed monkeys so Ty either has to sit with me and have no blanket and monkey or be forced to cuddle with Daddy.

I think he just does it so Ty will cuddle with him ;)

It doesn't take Ty long to get over not being in my lap.  He was sound asleep just a short while later.

February 15, 2011

Day 46 A boy & his dog

You know the old saying a dog is a mans best friend?

I think it should be more like a dog is a boys best friend.

And a comfy pillow too!

February 14, 2011

Day 45 Oops

Well I messed up...I pulled out my camera to practice with my new lights and when I was done I formatted my card.   THEN I remembered that I had not got my images off it for my 365.  

I had taken all these pictures of the beautiful cake I made for Valentines day.  I even took step by step pictures of the new icing I tried out.   It was one made with flour and milk and no powdered sugar.

So here is what is left of the cake I took pictures of after my three boys and husband got through with it. 

February 13, 2011

Day 44 Happy Vday to me

Happy early Valentines day to me!

My hubby has been bringing me home gifts for 2 days now and he's not done. 

Roses?  Chocolate?  Diamonds? (I wish)


He found me a complete studio set up.  The stuff is about 6 years old but he got a great deal.

I am the proud new owner of a 250 and 500 strobe flash set., 3 canvas backdrops, and numerous other goodies such as a negative reader, scanner, printer, a few tripods, graduation cap and gown and various other stuff.  As well as a light meter and a few other smaller lights.

The man does know what I like!

Who needs diamonds when I can have lights!  LOL

I am also happy to report I became an Aunt again today!  Congratulations to my Brother in law and his wife on the early arrival of Adam William Micheal.  I guess he just didn't want to wait till his scheduled date of arrival tomorrow! 

February 12, 2011

Day 43 Don't panic he's not choking

My son LOVES berries,  pretty much any kind of berry but especially strawberries.  I bought some yesterday at the grocery store and he found them in the fridge while I was in another room.  I would usually cut them up for him but since he snuck in to get them I didn't have a chance so he ate them whole. And when I mean whole I mean he shoves the WHOLE thing into his mouth then sits there with his hand covering his mouth trying to chew it and keep it in.  I caught him in the act today...I won't panic you and show you the picture of him showing me the entire berry stuffed in his mouth.

Week 6 in Review

Week 6 all ready?  Wow where has the time gone.......

Day 36  Love to Hate

Day 37  His or Hers 

Day 38  100 Nails

Day 39  So Crafty

Day 40 Learning to ride

Day 41 No Poo

Day 42 New Plants

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Day 42 New plants

I bought myself some new house plants today and boy do they smell good!

Who needs flowers or green leafs that serve no purpose when you can put little pots of heavenly smells like rosemary and basil in posts on your kitchen!

Plus it saves me buying the fresh herbs which were twice as expensive as the actual potted plant.  I hope to have my entire ledge filled with lovely herbs before long :) 

February 10, 2011

Day 41 No poo

On Tuesday after reading a fellow blogger Tracy's post on going 'no poo'  I thought I would give it a try.  As I am writing this ( A few days later) I have been shampoo free for almost 6 days.  So far the results are good.  My hair is clean, and not oily and has never been softer or had more body.  I think I will keep it up.  It really couldn't be more easy.   The cast of characters to go  no poo?

Total cost? Under 4 bucks and enough to last a LONG time.  Plus its way better for your hair.  Want more info please check out Tracy's blog post linked above.    I'm lovin my no poo head :)

February 09, 2011

Day 40 Learning to ride

Today's Joy Of Love assignment.  A picture of the one you love doing a passion or hobby they enjoy.

My son's favorite activity right now?  He goes to his playgroup and cuts up straws.

Weird hobby?  Not for a pre-schooler who is learning how to use scissors! 

The next picture is really crappy but an important one to me.  Today my baby learned how to pedal a bike :)
I had barely enough time to grab my camera...which thankfully I had with me, and he was off.  I had no time to play with my settings or grab my external flash.  By the time I had my camera out of my bag he was getting ready to move to another toy.  But I did catch him pedaling a bike for the first time :)

February 08, 2011

Day 39 So crafty

It was craft day in the house.  Who was doing the crafts?  ME!  Yikes!   The boys have a theme dress up day next week on Valentines Day.  Red, White and Pink day, this may be easy for some but my kids don't have a lot of red, pink or white clothes.  We are more of a blue and green kind of family.  So I hit the dollar store to find them some creative outfits. 

My first find of the day was white t-shirts with a red trim.  2 bucks each, score!  I then found some felt peel and stick hearts and other cool V-Day craft stuff to stick on.  While I was there I picked up stuff to make them each headbands with heart antenna's.   By the time I was done I had spent less than 20 bucks and that also included Valentines for Ty to make and hand out at his playgroup. 

Here was my kitchen table this afternoon.  I thought the pipe cleaners made some pretty cool bokeh in the back.

The headbands are not done quite yet but the T-shirts turned out kind of cute :)

Joy of LOVE Gift from the Heart

The gift from the heart my husband gave me that means the most to me?

My wedding band?  Well it does mean the most but I didn't really want to take a picture of it.

This gift he gave to me only a few short months ago.

Did it cost a fortune?  Nope

Is it brand new and shiny?  Nope

In fact it is 97 years old!

This is my piano.

He was working nights the day this needed picked up and he went and got it for me.  With only 4 hours sleep he moved a piano from another town to our house and into my living room.  This 1914 Heintzman is not exactly light.

I had been waiting until we bought a house before getting a piano and had been using a digital piano.  But there is nothing like the sound of the real thing! 

Within one month of moving in to our newly purchased home my husband got me my piano.

Now that is a gift from the heart :)

February 07, 2011

Day 38 100 nails

The kids school is having 100 day on Thursday.  Xander is supposed to bring in a collection of 100 things and have it displayed in a creative way.  He and Bill decided to take 100 nails and nail them in a board in the shape off 100.  Xander is all excited since he gets to use a hammer and Daddy is going to teach him to use it.    So far one number done and no mishaps with any fingers.  Here's hoping it continues that way till the project is done!  Here is the beginning of his project.

Joy of LOVE What they love

What they love.

Ty loves his monkeys.  He will watch Curious George all day long if you let him and his collection of stuffed monkey's is getting quite large considering he has only been collecting them for a year.  Here he is watching his favorite monkey movie, curled up on the floor with one of his favorite monkey's.

February 06, 2011

Day 37 His or Hers

Today we have 2 pictures, one I took, the other my husband took.    

I will let you judge. 

 This was my picture as I complain about the price of gas.......

Yeah I know not much of a picture but hey I was in the van most of the day and my husband doesn't like to stop just so I can take a nice picture. 

This one my husband took.  He went and grabbed the camera as Ty was playing in the bath tub.  I would show you the first picture he took before he clued in that he should put the camera in Auto but it wasn't pretty!  

I think his picture wins for the day.  

My gas sign just isn't as cute as an almost three year old playing in the tub:)

February 05, 2011

Valentine's Challenge

My valentine made the Top 30 in The Paper Mama's Valentine's Challenge!

So if you could all go please vote for me I would be very happy!


I would try to bribe you all to vote but I really have nothing to offer...

I would take you all to Tim Horton's and buy you a coffee if I could.  But I have a feeling half of you that read this blog don't know what Timmies is.....LOL

But if you do, I owe you a coffee, and maybe if you tell other people to vote I will even throw in a muffin! 

Week 5 in Review

Day 29: Brotherly Love

Day 30:  Hooch

Day 31: You want to take my picture?

Day 32: What they do

Day 33: Peaceful Sleep

Day 34: New Workflow

Day 35:  What they Wear

And there is Week 5!    

And if any of my readers want to be nice my Valentine for The Paper Mama's Valentine Challenge is in the Top 30  If you could please go vote for it that would be really nice of you ;)  

VOTE HERE  Three Blue Eyed Boys! 

Have a great Week 6 everybody!

The Daily Wyatt

Day 36 Love to Hate

Today's Joy of LOVE assignment?  Love to hate.  I missed a great photo opportunity for this assignment this morning.  While I LOVE my youngest son with all my heart today was a day for a little hate.

Let this story begin by explaining that my husband and I take turns sleeping in on days he is off.  Today was my day for a little peace and sleeping in.  While I was sleeping my husband got up with the kids.....unfortunately not quite in time to stop Ty from causing mass destruction in the very small amount of time he was up while my husband was getting out of bed. 

What did he get into this morning?  My camera bag :(  It was put up and zipped tight but he is a monkey and managed to get it down.   My husband walked in to find all my lenses, camera, and external flash strewn throughout the room and sticky finger prints all over everything.  I would have taken a picture of it except I kind of had to clean everything up that I would need to take the picture. And I wasn't much in the mood for taking a picture when I saw the mess.  Thankfully everything is okay and the sticky fingerprints were only on my UV filters.

So onto my Love to Hate relationship for the day.......as I said it was my day to sleep in.  My husband got up with the children and made a pot of coffee.  I got up a little while  ( okay a few hours)  later and found this. 

Apparently he doesn't know how to make a pot of coffee for anybody but himself.    Yup that is my pet peeve, I NEED my coffee in the morning and if you are going to drink the whole pot at least make some more!  LOL

February 04, 2011

Day 35 What they Wear

Today's Joy of LOVE  Assignment.

What they Wear

This is Ty's favorite hat he wears.

This hat was made by the very talented Brooke from Stella B Designs  

This wonderful lady makes all my newborn and baby photo props and hats as well as ALL of Ty's head wear :)

Go check out her scrumptious collection of hats and other things!

Ty was being quite the little model with his favorite teddy bear hat on so I have a couple more to share.

  This is the back of his hat ( just in case you wanted to see)

Don't forget to stop on by Stella B Designs and share some love :)