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February 08, 2011

Day 39 So crafty

It was craft day in the house.  Who was doing the crafts?  ME!  Yikes!   The boys have a theme dress up day next week on Valentines Day.  Red, White and Pink day, this may be easy for some but my kids don't have a lot of red, pink or white clothes.  We are more of a blue and green kind of family.  So I hit the dollar store to find them some creative outfits. 

My first find of the day was white t-shirts with a red trim.  2 bucks each, score!  I then found some felt peel and stick hearts and other cool V-Day craft stuff to stick on.  While I was there I picked up stuff to make them each headbands with heart antenna's.   By the time I was done I had spent less than 20 bucks and that also included Valentines for Ty to make and hand out at his playgroup. 

Here was my kitchen table this afternoon.  I thought the pipe cleaners made some pretty cool bokeh in the back.

The headbands are not done quite yet but the T-shirts turned out kind of cute :)


Carrie said...

Love the perspective of that first shot. Gotta love holiday themed days as school!

Magnolia_Mom said...

I love valentines decorations and their colors.

Tracy said...

Love the BOKEH!!!!