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October 18, 2009

Christmas Card pictures

I took the boys out to the bush today to try to get some pictures to use on our Christmas card. Dylan and Xander did really well but OMG is it ever hard to get a good picture of Ty. He just doesn't stop moving! Facebook refuses to let me upload them for some reason so I will put them all here. These are the pictures that didn't make the cut for the card, you'll just have to wait till Christmas for the other ones!

Thanks for looking :)

October 15, 2009

The wait is over

Xander finally got his Nintendo DS last Friday after waiting for months! He was not getting it till he was accident free for over a month. If you know me at all you know this has been something we have been fighting with for years with him. Any slight milk product and he ends up going in his pants. Well he finally got it under control with a little bribery on our part. But hey, you do what you have to do. Right?

Well we drove an hour to Walmart Friday and let me pick his DS out ( not that there was much choice since they only had one in stock) Who new the new fancy Nintendos don't come with games? So we had to buy him 2 games as well, thank goodness for the walmart bargain game bin! So he comes out of the store with a shiny new red DS lite. Lego Batman and Ben 10 for games, and a starter kit that comes with a case, extra styluses, car charger ( need that!) and screen protectors. I don't think bribery has ever cost me so much! But it worked and has continued working so I guess that makes up for it.

The next day Xander pulls out his DS and was not impressed that the battery needed to charge. So he waits three hours for it to charge and plays it for less than hour before he loses one of the games! Did I forget to mention he lost a stylus pen in the van on the way home the night before as well? Needless to say I was not impressed. Now it wasn't really his fault he has the extra game in his case and it fell out somewhere, but I was still mad that they make those things so small that they can be so easily lost!

That brings us to today. I take the kids to the bus and as I am walking back down the driveway what do I see? A small black case with a Ben 10 game in it! I don't know if it works, it was in a case but it was snowed on three times since Saturday. I am letting it warm up and will try it later but at least the case of the missing game is solved! That would explain why when I scoured the house and turned it upside down looking or it all weekend I couldn't find it. Oh and the missing Stylus pen was found on the floor of the van too!

Here is Xander chillin out on the couch with Hooch playing his new toy. And note the earphones? Those are to save what little of my sanity I have left!

October 14, 2009

Time for an update!

It has been a LONG time since I updated this blog. I am terrible at writing about my life and its just so much easier to put everything on Facebook. But I have decided to try and keep it updated a little more. Its not the easiest thing to do since any pictures have to be uploaded to Photobucket then transferred over to here which on dial up takes a LONG time. In other words don't expect a blog every night. LOL

Not much happens around here since the boys are in school all day, Bill is working crazy overtime right now and its just Ty and I at home all day. I am trying to get myself to take some more pictures so I can get some more practice with my camera. So there may be some weird things show up on here, but hey, I'm leaning!

My pictures today are of Tyler who has turned into a little monkey. he will climb anything and everything. I seriously don't remember the other boys climbing quite this much. Ty climbs over the baby gate, out of his crib, on the table, into boxes, bookshelves, furniture and window sills!

He started out quite happily looking out the window which he can easily get to by standing on the couch.

Then he got brave and thought he would get a better veiw if he got right into the window.

You will never guess what happened next........

He fell....don't worry he landed on the couch :) And then I got this look.

This would be the "Why are you still taking my picture instead of sucking me up " look!

He was fine but still proceeded to climb everything in site. Apparently at 19 months the lesson goes unlearned.

April 23, 2009

My baby is getting so big!

Xander finally lost his first tooth yesterday. After wiggling it loose for a few weeks now he pulled it yesterday after school. He was just so excited when it finally came loose! He immediately put it upstairs beside his bed in a glass of water for the tooth fairy. I heard him wake up this morning at 6 am and start hollering to Dylan to wake up cause the tooth fairy had left him money! She left 4 shiny loonies in the cup for him.

The tooth he lost was the first tooth he ever got and it came in November 5th 2003. He was exactly 4 months old. The strange part of this is that Shannon's little girl Emma who is just three weeks older than Xander lost her first tooth today as well. She cut her first tooth at exactly 4 months old as well and they both lost them with in 24 hours of each other. Weird!

Here he is with his new gap! He is talking with a bit of a lisp now too since he keeps sticking his tongue into the hole!

April 21, 2009

Sick boy

Its been a long day. Ty has been miserable for a few days now and I thought it was his teeth coming in but he was more miserable than usual today and by dinner time this is what he looked like.

Poor kiddo fell asleep in his chair before dinner even started. He woke up and gave him his supper and he didn't touch it ( which is unusual for this little piggy!) After dinner I felt him and he was feeling a little warm and sure enough after taking his temperature he was running a fever. He is laying on Bill right now just snuggling and not wanting to do anything poor guy. I hope it passes quickly but I have a sneaking feeling by the way he is yanking on his ears he may have an ear infection. I guess only time will tell, I will take him into the doctors if the fever sticks around for a few days.

In other news, I got my new kits from Shabby pickle downloaded a few days ago and have been having fun using them! Here is my newest siggy I made for myself with one of my new kits!

Update: Here is Ty an hour later...poor guy is just exhausted :(

April 19, 2009

More time outside

Not too much going on around here. It's still nice out ( except for a wee bit of snow yesterday) so the boys have been outside. Everybody is looking forward to our trip to North Carolina in a few weeks! Xander is REALLY excited and wakes up everyday asking if we are going today. Ty is still trying to cut those top teeth and has his top front one through and working on the one next to it (not the other middle one) So when it works its way through he is going to look really silly. Two bottom front teeth with one other bottom right, a top middle one and then a top right one. I guess the teeth on the left just don't want to appear. Here are a few pictures taken today while the boys were outside. Dylan just didn't really know what to do, he hadn't had a nap and I don't think he was very interested in playing. He really is an inside kid unless its REALLY warm out. I guess 7 degrees wasn't quite warm enough for him.

April 14, 2009

Spring is here

It has finally warmed up here enough that the driveway is almost clear of snow. This gave the boys a chance to use their new bikes today. Dylan got a new big boy bike since he is a little too big for his tricycle now. Xander got moved up to 18 inch bike that has hand brakes and gears. He was just a little too big for the 16 inch this year so no more pedal brakes for him. It is taking him a bit to get used to since he keeps trying to push the pedals backwards to stop! Spring is definitely here, the boys were outside after Xander got home from school and then again after supper. If only it were dry out as well! Dylan as spent more time playing in the puddles and snow than riding his bike. It took him til halfway through the summer last year to get the hang of riding his bike and I suspect it will be the same this year. He prefers to just run after Xander.

April 11, 2009

First Haircut

After trying unsuccessfully for several weeks to get Ty to New Liskeard to get his free first haircut at Magicuts and a gentle reminder from Meg, I decided to just cut it myself this morning.

Iwas actually dreading doing this because from past experience I know as soon as they get that first haircut there goes the baby look and they suddenly look like a little boy. I wanted to hold onto my last baby for just a little while longer. But after seeing him in a few recent pictures I decided that my baby had to go because this little boy needed a haircut badly!

I strapped him down in the highchair and sharpened up my hair scissors. One little cut and whoosh......there goes my little baby. He actually sat still for most of it although I did get a bit of a fuss when I wanted to cut the back.

So it is done, he has no little curls left at the back, I cut them all off. Ah well he looks prety darn cute still! Though I can't really decide who he looks more like now.....I still say Xander:)



It wasn't the haircut that upset him it was having no food on his tray!

April 10, 2009

My new baby

After a year of nagging at Bill I finally got my new camera! It is definitely going to take a bit to learn how to use it but so far it's going well. I am being very good about not keeping it in Auto mode and using the manual functions. These pictures are the first couple I have taken.
I will post more later!

April 04, 2009

Easter Eggs!

The boys got to dye Easter eggs a few days ago and as usual had a blast doing this activity. They love to dip all the eggs into the dye and turn them colours. Although I find it a little strange that within about 5 minutes of finishing the activity instead of proudly displaying the eggs they want to eat them all! I boiled 16 eggs on Thursday evening for them and today they are all gone. These kids love to eat boiled eggs. Well at least they don't go to waste :) Now I have boil more since they have none left for Easter!And this is what Tyler does while his brothers dye Easter eggs. And when he was done he dyed the bath water a pretty red.....with noodles!