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February 27, 2009

Another snow day

We woke up to another 30 cm of snow this morning and Xander had the day off school again. The day started out pretty miserably, Dylan for some unknown reason has been running a fever for 2 days. It disappeared this afternoon and he is fine now so not really sure what caused it. He sat on the couch under a blanket this morning whining for no reason for over a half hour. And of course I took the opportunity to take a picture of him!
Tyler has been getting better and better at the walking thing for the past few days but I haven't been able to get a picture of it. Every time I get the camera he sits down! But I did get a few cue shots of him playing this morning. He really likes to play with the shape sorter that he got from Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas! Its his favorite along with his rocking puppy. But he does try to shove everything he can find into the holes and then looks at as if to say "WHY WON'T IT FIT?"
So I booted Xander outside this afternoon since it had stopped snowing, and Dylan decided to go out with him. They had fun playing in all the fresh powder as well as on the mini mountain outside the house. Xander was running up and down the drive way making tracks since it hadn't been plowed yet and was very deep. It had been plowed the night before thankfully so its wasn't up to my waist today, just my calf.If you take a look at the previous post I put pics of all the snow....here are some comparison pictures so you can see just how much more we have now.

February 23, 2009

Sleepy boys

Yesterdays Bill took the boys tobogganing with his cousin Ron and his son Bret (who is also Xander's best friend) When they got home they decided to play outside on our mini mountain outside. They were standing at the top of the snowbank and could see right in the kitchen window there is so much snow! I went out and took a few pictures but the windchill was down below -30 so I didn't stay out long. The next thing I hear when I come back in is Xander at the door yelling that Dy;an was stuck! I'm thinking where is he stuck? Its too bad I didn't grab the camera......Dylan was stuck in a snowbank up to his shoulders in front of the shed! I had to go into the snow to get him out and the bank was up past my waist! Poor Dylan, I think he will think twice about playing in that snow!After the boys came in we packed up and headed off to Bills parents house. I took the entire computer with me so I could take advantage of their high speed connection and download some new scrap kits. I also got some video uploaded of Ty learning to walk which in the past few days he has gotten quite good at. Well not really good but he is getting braver and keeps trying to walk everywhere instead of crawling. Until he falls after about 10 steps then he crawls the rest of the way!
So we were at Bills parents for the rest of the day and the boys were pretty tired after their busy day outside. They were both asleep on the couch by 7 pm and these pictures were taken at about 4 pm.

February 20, 2009

Photography 101

Today I spent the day playing with my camera. I am trying to learn to take pictures in manual instead of automatic. My camera has a thing with not liking low light so I spent the afternoon with Shannon's help trying to adjust the settings on it to work a little better and not have the pics so blurry. I seem to have corrected a little bit of the problem although I still want to get SLR.

Here are a few of the shots I took while playing around with the settings.
Thanks Shannon!!!!

February 19, 2009

Snow day .....again

Buses were canceled again today. They were canceled once last week ,twice the week before that and once the week before that. It seems like its never ending snow around here right now. I have no idea how much snow we actually got but I do know I have shoveled in front of both doors 6 times since yesterday! And its still snowing.....

Not much exciting around her and to darn gloomy in side to take any decent pictures of the boys ( have I mentioned I HATE my camera?) so you get to see pictures I took today of all the snow....

This the front of my house, much more snow and I will not be able to see out my kitchen window.

Here is the trampoline, where the bars sit is about 5 feet off the ground.

And here is Bills shed.....he is having a hard time getting into it these days.

And that's my blog for tonight, short and sweet. Its Thursday, gotta go watch my shows!

Siggy, Siggy , Siggy......

Siggy....you may be wondering what I am talking about but most people that know me also know that I have recently become siggy -a -holic! I LOVE to make siggies for people, I love getting new pictures of other people to work with all the time and the challenge of creating interesting layouts in a tiny little space.

For the past few days I have been making a few new siggies for people as well as for myself. I have a great teacher who has been teaching me a few new tricks. I have recently learned animation and my newest trick is having the pictures fade in and out! I love it, such a cool little tool. Here is an example of what I learned to do ....Hopefully that fades right on this blogger program!

So that's my new trick....isn't it awesome! I was also working on a few more and a couple for myself as well. But I can't decide which one I like more. So I am leaving it up to you all ( I know your out there reading this) to leave me a comment ( yes you have to sign up, but isn't it worth it to talk to me???) and tell me which one I should use.
Number 1.....
Or Number 2....... Don't forget......tell me which one is better!
And just for kicks.....here is another one I did yesterday.

February 16, 2009

First Steps

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile but there hasn't really been much to post about. A pretty boring weekend around here....Bill has been on nights and we have not really done much at all.
We finally got some excitement today about 20 minutes before Bill needed to leave for work.....
Ty took his FIRST STEPS!!!!

He has been working on standing without support for about a week now and today he finally let go and came toward me. I did manage to get it on video which at some point I will try to get uploaded for everyone to see but since I live in the boonies and have no high speed it will have to wait to will go somewhere that does. But until then....... I did get a picture of it!

He is just so proud of himself...he gets a BIG smile on his face whenever he does it! Well that's all for tonight hopefully I
can get some better pictures of it tomorrow and give you all an update on how the walking is going.

February 11, 2009

Bill and his boys.

Bill has been off for the past 6 days and goes back to work tomorrow. The boys love it when he is on his days off because they get to spend lots of quality time with daddy. Yesterday was no exception...

Xander had the day off school yesterday becasue it was freezing rain here. And he had a dentist appointment in the afternoon as well. He has been waiting for this appointment because his teeth have been really hurting him. He has two huge holes in two of his back molars. Food is constantly getting caught in them and they really hurt him. He brushes his teeth every day and flosses as well but he just seems to be prone to cavities. Well they filled one of his teeth yesterday and will do the other in April, it didn't matter which one they filled becasue they were both equally as bad. We were also told to keep an eye on the filling and if it gets infected the other will have to be pulled since the cavity was so deep. Not good considering they are molars and he won't be getting his adult ones for quite a few more years. They filled the tooth and gave him freezing needles to do it. On the way home he bit his lip REALLY bad, Bill had to take him to the ER to get it checked he had bit it so deeply. He didn't even feel it because he was frozen still. Well he was fine and we were told it would heal on its own quickly since it was on the inside of his mouth. Even today his lip is still quite swollen but is healing up. Here is a picture of when he got home yesterday...those are stickers on his face he got from the dentist :)

The afternoon after the dentist started out nice and quite with the boys and Bill lying on the couch watching the boys new favourite movie (Mama Mia, who would have guessed that?)

Well the quiet did not last...the next thing I know I look over and the boys had stripped down to their underwear and were pretending to be "The Hulk" and beat up daddy while he 'napped'. Even Ty was joining in on the fun!

Well the fun for Dylan didn't stop yesterday.....it was 3 degrees out today so Dylan and Bill went outside to play in the snow! They bulit a snowman and daddy got down on the ground to show Dylan how to make a snow angel. This was very exciting for Fylan since he has never made a snowman. We may have a lot of snow here but it is always to cold for it to pack so snowmen don't happen a lot. Dylan also hates the cold and usually only lasts about 10 minutes vefore he wants to come back in. Today he stayed out there for over 2 hours!

And here is Bill making a snow angel for Dylan....

February 07, 2009

Why do I give them beds?

The boys must have been very tired this morning because by one pm they both were upstairs screaming at each other and very cranky. Dylan came downstairs crying because her wanted to go to sleep and Xander was bugging him. Then Xander came down a few minutes later complaining about the same thing. Well it wasn't more than a half hour later that i noticed there was no more screaming yelling or crying coming from upstairs. I thought I had better go check it out and here is what I found.

Dylan's bed : EMPTY

Xander's Bed: EMPTY

Dylan sleeping: This is Hooch's Dog Crate....

Xander Sleeping: This is OUR bed

And I am now wondering why we have beds for them...they both woke up 2 hours later and were quite happy. Hooch on the other hand didn't know what to do with himself since he wanted to take a nap as well and there was a little boy in his bed!

These last two pics are what happens when the other boys are sleeping and Ty gets bored. This is our bookshelf which has been taken over with kids toys on the bottom two shelves. He does not like to keep the toys on the shelf its more fun to rip them all down and climb on it instead.

February 05, 2009

More fun in a box

My boys love to play in big boxes and yesterday was no exception. Ty got a new carseat so there was a very neat looking box to play with so that is what Ty and Dylan did yesterday. It started off well and both boys were playing very well together. Then Ty got out of the box and Dylan didn't want to let him back in!

Well the box is still going and Dylan actually put a pillow and blanket in it and told me he wanted to sleep in it!

One of Dylan's favorite things to do when Xander is at school is bake with mommy. Yesterday he asked if we could make cookies and I told him yes. He likes to do everything himself. I put the dough on the cookie sheet and into the oven and he does the rest. He loves to use the mixer and add all the ingredients. We mad oatmeal chocolate chip cookies yesterday which turned out really well. Of course Dylan was not happy because he thought we should have put marshmallows in the cookies and announced after trying one that they were "disgusting' ! Of course they are almost all gone by tonight so they must not be too bad!This last one is what happens when we bake cookies and Ty is allowed to play in the kitchen!