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February 06, 2011

Day 37 His or Hers

Today we have 2 pictures, one I took, the other my husband took.    

I will let you judge. 

 This was my picture as I complain about the price of gas.......

Yeah I know not much of a picture but hey I was in the van most of the day and my husband doesn't like to stop just so I can take a nice picture. 

This one my husband took.  He went and grabbed the camera as Ty was playing in the bath tub.  I would show you the first picture he took before he clued in that he should put the camera in Auto but it wasn't pretty!  

I think his picture wins for the day.  

My gas sign just isn't as cute as an almost three year old playing in the tub:)


Jennifer Thompson said...

Sorry Drea, but Bills picture is just to cute not to win my vote!

Tracy said...


Andrea said...

Thanks Jen, he just saw that now he is gloating!