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January 31, 2009

All about nothing.....

I really don't have much to talk about today.....pretty boring day around here. I went grocery shopping and I swear groceries have skyrocketed in price in the past few months. Bill did the groceries two weeks ago and I accused him of not being very thrifty when I saw how much he spent but I spent almost the same amount this week. Of course I did buy a full turkey as well as some new undershirts for Ty but it was still way too much! I think we will be taking the 2 hour drive to Timmins from now on to do our shopping at No Frills. We seem to save at least 100 - 150 dollars when we shop there for most of our stuff. The only place we have here is an Independent and I swear they are price gouging!

So that brings me to my clothes shopping for Ty.....Joe Fresh makes the BEST baby clothes. they are better quality than Walmart and cheaper. I can usually find clearance stuff at our grocery store since its a small town and bought a lot of clothes for Christmas for him there. Today I found their Organic cotton long sleeved body suits on for 1.98 a piece! And did I mention they are really cute too?

I tried to take some pics of the kids today and while trying to get some new pictures of Tyler Xander decided he needed to pose for the camera. So this is how I eventually had all three boys in the picture but as usual trying to get all three of them to look at the camera at the same time proved to be impossible. And since I had the camera out Xander thought I should take a picture of him and his new Lego creation which he was building. He LOVES to build with Duplo and thanks to Aunt Megen he as a big bucket full now.

Ahhh yes the only other thing I was told I had to mention since I forgot to yesterday...although it didn't really fit in with my toilet story. Ty FINALLY has teeth! On Thursday and Friday he cut his two bottom teeth. At almost 11 months old I thought for sure he would not have any teeth for his first birthday but I guess they decided to show up.

I have a toilet again! (may be TMI)

I know its been a week since I posted but I have a very good excuse........my septic tank has full and backing up into my bath tub. Now you may ask why I couldn't post because of this? Well I have had no bathtub since last Saturday which also means I couldn't take a shower. Which means I didn't leave the house.....buy batteries for camera, and therefore have no new pictures to share since the camera was dead. Good reason? I thought so, if only it wasn't true.

So my septic tank was finally emptied today after a backhoe had to come in to dig up the frozen ground to get to it. At first we weren't sure if it could be emptied, something about it being so old and needing replaced that they thought it may collapse. That didn't happen thank goodness or I would be homeless and looking for someplace to live. So the tank was emptied and the back hoe piles the dirt and snow back on top again and leaves. I go into the bathroom to see if the very full bathtub and toilet will drain (Can you say GROSS!!!) and off course knowing my luck....it doesn't.

So off we go again to figure out what the problem is. Well the guys come over with an industrial snake and try to snake it. That doesn't work, they leave come back with a shop vac suck all the water out of the toilet (Xander thought it was very disgusting that they were sucking up the poop) take the toilet off and try to snake again. Meanwhile the boys are in the living room wanting to know why there is a snake in our toilet and if that's why its broken!

So eventually after attaching a big ass drill bit to the end of the snake and driving it down the very frozen pipe it finally cleared. VOILA......I have a toilet again,and can take a shower. I feel much better now. :)

So that's why I haven't written in days. Too much information right? :)

January 26, 2009

I have two VERY different kids!

Its been and exciting weekend here ( at least for the kids). On Sunday Xander got to go ice skating for the first time. Dylan was supposed to go as well but once we got to Nana's house he decided it would be much better to stay inside where it was warm than go outside in the cold ice. There is an outdoor rink right beside Bills parents house so all we had to do was cross the yard and we were there. The only problem being was the 5 feet of snow in the yard.... I was literally up to my waist trying to get across the yard!

So Xander gets to the rink and in typical Xander fashion ventures out onto the ice with no fear at all. Bill on the other hand who had also strapped on a pair of skates was a different story. This was the first time Bill had skated since he was about 10 and even back then he didn't do it well. I kept boots on figuring I would have to pick both of them up off the ice! So Bill takes off out on to the ice does a little circle and seems to be okay...till it comes time to stop. I then find out he never did learn how to do that and he uses the boards to stop!

Well after 15 minutes Bill had given up because the skates were hurting his feet but Xander stayed out skating for about 45 minutes. Which surprised me since it was so cold out. He did quite well but I think a lot had to do with the fact that it was -22 outside. The ice was so cold that the skate blades were not melting when they cut the ice, and the ice was not slippery at all. Xander had a blast though and wants to go out again tomorrow!

Dylan is my inside kid...he hates the cold and if you ask him to go outside in it he will tell you "its feezen out here!" Today Dylan was a little bored since Xander had to go back to school so I asked him if he wanted to make brownies. Dylan loves to bake ( I think it has more to do with eating the stuff after!) so this was a good activity for him. I pretty much let him do it all himself since all he has to do is dump stuff in and give the bowl of the mixer a spin. He made the whole thing him self with very minimal help from me and was so proud of himself! He had to tell Xander all about it when he got home from school. The brownies actually turned out very good!

January 23, 2009

What boys can do with a box....

Well after months of debating Bill and I went and bought a new 42" plasma television today.We have been using a hand me down ancient 27" from my mother for a while now. We have a VERY small living room and one 27" TV and stand take up a lot of room so we opted for a flat screen plasma. So off we headed to Walmart today after a lot of research into what we were going to get. We get to the entertainment section and Bill takes one look at the 50" and thinks that we should get it instead! Well NO WAY!! We have a very small room and that wold just look silly in it. So after debating in the store for half an hour we decided on a 42" Samsung plasma. Well then of course we had to get it home ( we had taken a seat out of the van already). So off we go home after shopping around some more to find a good deal on a mounting wall hanger thingy. Now the fun begins.....

We have a very large and heavy aquarium stand in our living room that we needed to move into the playroom so we would have space to hang this TV. Wouldn't you know it but our siphon hose does not reach into the playroom! So after emptying the tank ( the bottom tank has been empty since it sprung a leak last month) and moving the whole stand into the playroom we then had to fill the 75 gallon tank with a bucket. This is after clearing the stand off re-arranging the toy room and literally turning both the living room and playroom UPSIDE DOWN!

So we filled the tank got the wall bracket on the wall and hung the TV........it was too high! So we take it off again and bill has to re-drill the wall mount in. And 20 minutes later.......we have a TV on the wall. We go to plug it in and now the cables are hanging everywhere, the living room and toy room are trashed, and Bill and the kids want to watch TV. Well Bill had to set up the DVD, VCR, satellite and all that fun stuff and that's when the boys found the box! Who knew a big old box could be hours worth of fun. All three of them were climbing
in and out of the box having a blast. It is now almost 8 pm...the house is still trashed and Bill just wants to sit and watch his new television. So guess what I get to go do???? And I get to clean around the gigantic box!!!!

The wall hanger....the first time. Now there are a few extra holes.
Bill trying to hook it up, and it finally on the wall. I will show the finished product tomorrow after I clean up this mess!

January 21, 2009

Learning to walk

The other day I decided to pull out the ride on toy for Ty just to see if he was ready for it. Well he can't reach the ground with his feet when he sits on it so I think it might be while before he will be using it for that! The one we have has a handle on the back of the seat for pushing and he has discovered that he can walk behind it. Well once he learned he couldn't be stopped, he is going all over with it. It won't be long before he is going on his own. He barely holds on to it and gets himself going really well. Today he got himself stuck in a corner and couldn' t figure out how to get out. He sat there trying to lift it up and move it. It took about five minutes of being stuck before he gave up and came crawling back to me to try to get me to fix it for him!

I ventured out in the nice white snow today while Xander was at school to go to the grocery store and while we were there Dylan saw a little girl in a cart. He informed me that she was his sister! I tried to explain to him that he didn' t have a sister but he wouldn't hear of it. Then on the way home he was telling me that Makala and Charlie (both little girls that are Xanders age who we see occasionaly) were his sister as well. I once again tried to tell him that he didn't have a sister......finally he got the point. Then about 2 minutes later in the van he said to me " Mommy, Kala is my girlfriend not my sister" Well who knew he would be interested in girls at the age of 3 and a half! I think I will have to keep my eye on this one.

January 19, 2009

The things that thrill a 10 month old

Tyler has discovered a new fascination and it is all I can do to keep him in the same room as me. As soon as I turn around he is gone and heading towards the laundry room. He has decided he likes to watch the washing machine. We have a front loader and it has a very nice little window that is just the right height for him. He will sit there and stare into that little window for the entire 40 minutes its on if I would let him.
He takes a break every once in awhile to go munch on some dog food ( in the same room) or play in the dog water. Then he scoots over to the bathroom where his tub toys are easily accessible ( this keeps him out of the toilet, at least for now). Then when he hears a new noise come from the washer he crawls as quick as he can back to the window to see what is new and exciting. He LOVES to watch the bubbles during the wash cycle and tries to touch them! Then when it starts to spin he he tries to peak in the window with his little nose pressed up against the glass.
Who needs toys, I can just do laundry all day to keep him occupied! So now you all know for his first birthday in 2 months, buy him a washing machine!

January 18, 2009

My wee Wii Junkies!

Santa Clause brought the boys a Wii for Christmas this year. At first I wasn't sure if they were going to be too young for it and if this was going to be a 'big' boy gift more for Bill. Well I was SOOO wrong! I can not keep these boys off it. The TV
has not been on for 2 days. They have either been playing with their toys or on the Wii. I kept thinking that Dylan was way too young to play but I gues
s I was wrong. Him and Xander play together so well. There are a few games that Dylan just sits there and holds the Wiimote and just thinks he's playing, but for the most part any of the sporty games he does really well. He loves to do boxing! Xander has become a Wii junkie.....anything from boxing, horseshoes and tennis to Diego, Kung Fu Panda and Mario Party. He plays them all, and does quite well! Back to school tomorrow after 5 days off so no more Wii for awhile :( I wonder if he is going to go through withdrawal?

These last few pictures are of Tyler today. This is my first child who CAN NOT stay awake during a meal. I mean he falls asleep in his high chair at least once a day. I feed him then give him some fruit or other finger food and go about doing whatever and the next thing I know he is sound asleep with his face in his food. The other boys did this once in awhile but not this much...he does it constantly. Here is a picture of him before supper tonight then again afterward. I have many pictures of him with his face in his bowl full of spaghetti as well!

January 16, 2009

How to bribe your kid......

Xander had no school again today so that's three days off this week. Needless to say the house is getting a little destroyed with toys, so I made him a deal. I said he could play his Wii if he vacuumed the living room. Well he wanted the Wii so he agreed, but, he had to pick up all his toys before he could vacuum the floor! Did I mention that this kid LOVES to vacuum? He will always pick everything up if it means he gets to vacuum! So while he was vacuuming I was taking his picture and of course he noticed. So what does the little ham do? Stops to pose!

Dylan broke out in a rash yesterday that disappeared again this morning so thankfully it wasn't chicken pox.....had me a little worried for awhile. But the potty training seems to have gone astray today. First he started to poop in his underwear so I sat him on the potty for almost an hour. He went a little bit. Then a few hours later he comes to the table for dinner when I ask him to sit down he says 'what do I have mommy?' I say 'what' and he holds out his hand and it is full of poop!!!! EWWWWW He says' it came out of my butt' ! So off we go to the potty again and I told him he had to go in the potty not his hand! An hour later I go to get him ready for bed and there on his hands is more poop! ?????? UGGGG He did it again! So off we go to clean up again. I really hope tomorrow is better. We are bribing him with smarties if he goes without an accident or poops on the potty but now he says he doesn' t want smarties. He is now telling me he doesn't want to go to school and that he is a baby like Tyler. What am I going to do with this child????

And just because....some cute pics of Ty I took!

January 15, 2009

Cold fun!

So today the buses were canceled because it was too cold outside. So Xander didn't have school for the second day in a row. He missed yesterday because he was "doing his hair' and missed the bus then I couldn't get the van going since it was -42 outside. Now its not so bad to have him home one extra day a week, but two???? I think we were all going a bit stir crazy since it was to cold to even let them go outside to play. Poor Xander kept asking to go tobogganing again since he went on the weekend with his cousin Brett. He thought it was great fun and so did Dylan. We will definitely have to send Bill and Ron out with them again soon.

January 14, 2009

My First Blog!

So I decided that after seeing that everybody else around me has a blog, that maybe I should join up. So here we go........I have no idea what exactly I am doing , but hey I guess I'll learn.

So the whole point of this is to tell you all about my beautiful children and what they are up to. I guess to start with I will tell you all what has been going on this week.

Xander has become a "wii junkie" as Bill calls him and is trying to spend all his waking time on the wii. Which of course I am refusing to let him do....but oh how he tries!

Dylan is just staring to feel better since his little bit of tonsillitis last week. He is also FINALLY starting to potty train again. I think registering him for junior kindergarten on Monday made it sink in that he needs to use the potty. (The smarties help too!)

My little peanut Tyler has been doing well this week. He is starting to let go of things to try and stand by himself...although once he realizes he is standing he falls :) I still can't believe he is trying to learn to walk! He is just so tiny in comparison to the other boys. They were both HUGE by ten months and he is still so small. He is also feeling better and has gained his appetite back. But he refuses to eat anything off a spoon, if he can't feed it to himself then forget it! That makes a very big mess, as you should be able to see in the picture. If it went on ?

Well until next time, or I figure out how to get back to here again.....