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February 08, 2011

Joy of LOVE Gift from the Heart

The gift from the heart my husband gave me that means the most to me?

My wedding band?  Well it does mean the most but I didn't really want to take a picture of it.

This gift he gave to me only a few short months ago.

Did it cost a fortune?  Nope

Is it brand new and shiny?  Nope

In fact it is 97 years old!

This is my piano.

He was working nights the day this needed picked up and he went and got it for me.  With only 4 hours sleep he moved a piano from another town to our house and into my living room.  This 1914 Heintzman is not exactly light.

I had been waiting until we bought a house before getting a piano and had been using a digital piano.  But there is nothing like the sound of the real thing! 

Within one month of moving in to our newly purchased home my husband got me my piano.

Now that is a gift from the heart :)


Anonymous said...

Looks like a beautiful piano!

SarahinSC said...

Really cool piano shots!

Magnolia_Mom said...

These are beautifully done.