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January 10, 2011

Day 10 It's Done!

I am happy to say I am officially done painting!  At least for a couple weeks when I start Xander's room :)  Oh and I still have to do a stencil in the white border...just not sure what yet.  But the main painting is done!  LOL  Bill did a great job with the white stripe and I was very impressed.  (It was level and straight!)   The boys need some new window coverings and bedding still but its looks good if I do say so myself :)

Xander has show and tell tomorrow so he wanted to talk about his new camera he got for Christmas.  Santa brought him a little baby Nikon so he could be just like mommy :)   His teacher has them either glue a picture or draw a picture in a large journal to bring to class to talk about instead of bringing the actual thing in.   So tonight I had to take picture of Xander to print out of him with his camera. 

Here are a few of the pics he took over Christmas break with his new toy.

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Jennifer Thompson said...

The room looks great!
Aww...to cute with his camera.

Jennifer said...

His room looks awesome - great job! That is so nice to see how excited he is about his camera. It's important to start them young. :) I hope his presentation goes well!