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February 27, 2011

Day 58 Who needs makeup?

I don't NEED makeup...I just buy it so every once in awhile so my youngest has something to finger paint with.

At least I'm assuming that's what he thinks.  I take my eyes off him for 2 minutes to come back to this.  
Don't even get me started about my eyeliner all over the floor and his face covered with foundation and my mascara.

At least the stuff is cheap...oh wait it's not!


Jennifer Thompson said...

OK...now I'm wanting to see a picture of what he looks like.

Andrea said...

HAAH Sorry Jen I am a few days behind...if had one I would show you. Just picture the crazy makeup lady from Drew Carey.

Jennifer Thompson said...

LMAO! I think her name was Mimi!
Now there's a visual!

Tracy said...

OH-MY-GOSH!!!!!!! So wish there was a picture!

P.S. How's the hair?

Andrea said...

The hair is still great! I even used shampoo at the hair dressers last week and it didn't mess anything up :)

Kristal said...

Oh my... I could so see my daughter doing this!