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February 05, 2011

Day 36 Love to Hate

Today's Joy of LOVE assignment?  Love to hate.  I missed a great photo opportunity for this assignment this morning.  While I LOVE my youngest son with all my heart today was a day for a little hate.

Let this story begin by explaining that my husband and I take turns sleeping in on days he is off.  Today was my day for a little peace and sleeping in.  While I was sleeping my husband got up with the kids.....unfortunately not quite in time to stop Ty from causing mass destruction in the very small amount of time he was up while my husband was getting out of bed. 

What did he get into this morning?  My camera bag :(  It was put up and zipped tight but he is a monkey and managed to get it down.   My husband walked in to find all my lenses, camera, and external flash strewn throughout the room and sticky finger prints all over everything.  I would have taken a picture of it except I kind of had to clean everything up that I would need to take the picture. And I wasn't much in the mood for taking a picture when I saw the mess.  Thankfully everything is okay and the sticky fingerprints were only on my UV filters.

So onto my Love to Hate relationship for the day.......as I said it was my day to sleep in.  My husband got up with the children and made a pot of coffee.  I got up a little while  ( okay a few hours)  later and found this. 

Apparently he doesn't know how to make a pot of coffee for anybody but himself.    Yup that is my pet peeve, I NEED my coffee in the morning and if you are going to drink the whole pot at least make some more!  LOL


Tracy said...

LOL! Don't drink the stuff....but would make me mad if I did.

knit1kids4 said...

Glad your boy didn't do damage to your camera. Sorry about the coffee. My pet peeve has to do with my husband too... it will post tomorrow as I'm doing the assignment a day behind so I can keep up with everything else.