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January 06, 2011

Day 6 Oh where oh where did my bathroom go?

First coat of trim and door finished!  Now just waiting on that to dry and do the second coat and the bathroom will be DONE!  Hooray!  I really need the big bathroom with the shower in working order again.  Having to clear out all the painting stuff just to give the kids a bath and have a shower is a real PITA!    Dylan has asked me for three days now with a pathetic looking face when I am going to paint his walls.  I guess his room will have to be next :)  

Stay tuned for a lot more reno pictures on this blog for the next little while. 

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Jennifer said...

Looking great! I love the colour! I wish I lived closer because I love to paint (I don't do ceilings though lol). I find it very relaxing. I just painted my hallway and doors upstairs after the big catastrophe of 2010. ;)

I'm so glad you are doing project 365 again. You did so well the last time and I have no doubt you will complete it this time! Good luck!