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January 14, 2009

My First Blog!

So I decided that after seeing that everybody else around me has a blog, that maybe I should join up. So here we go........I have no idea what exactly I am doing , but hey I guess I'll learn.

So the whole point of this is to tell you all about my beautiful children and what they are up to. I guess to start with I will tell you all what has been going on this week.

Xander has become a "wii junkie" as Bill calls him and is trying to spend all his waking time on the wii. Which of course I am refusing to let him do....but oh how he tries!

Dylan is just staring to feel better since his little bit of tonsillitis last week. He is also FINALLY starting to potty train again. I think registering him for junior kindergarten on Monday made it sink in that he needs to use the potty. (The smarties help too!)

My little peanut Tyler has been doing well this week. He is starting to let go of things to try and stand by himself...although once he realizes he is standing he falls :) I still can't believe he is trying to learn to walk! He is just so tiny in comparison to the other boys. They were both HUGE by ten months and he is still so small. He is also feeling better and has gained his appetite back. But he refuses to eat anything off a spoon, if he can't feed it to himself then forget it! That makes a very big mess, as you should be able to see in the picture. If it went on ?

Well until next time, or I figure out how to get back to here again.....

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Grandma said...

Hey Andrea, great idea. Looking forward to reading!