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January 31, 2009

All about nothing.....

I really don't have much to talk about today.....pretty boring day around here. I went grocery shopping and I swear groceries have skyrocketed in price in the past few months. Bill did the groceries two weeks ago and I accused him of not being very thrifty when I saw how much he spent but I spent almost the same amount this week. Of course I did buy a full turkey as well as some new undershirts for Ty but it was still way too much! I think we will be taking the 2 hour drive to Timmins from now on to do our shopping at No Frills. We seem to save at least 100 - 150 dollars when we shop there for most of our stuff. The only place we have here is an Independent and I swear they are price gouging!

So that brings me to my clothes shopping for Ty.....Joe Fresh makes the BEST baby clothes. they are better quality than Walmart and cheaper. I can usually find clearance stuff at our grocery store since its a small town and bought a lot of clothes for Christmas for him there. Today I found their Organic cotton long sleeved body suits on for 1.98 a piece! And did I mention they are really cute too?

I tried to take some pics of the kids today and while trying to get some new pictures of Tyler Xander decided he needed to pose for the camera. So this is how I eventually had all three boys in the picture but as usual trying to get all three of them to look at the camera at the same time proved to be impossible. And since I had the camera out Xander thought I should take a picture of him and his new Lego creation which he was building. He LOVES to build with Duplo and thanks to Aunt Megen he as a big bucket full now.

Ahhh yes the only other thing I was told I had to mention since I forgot to yesterday...although it didn't really fit in with my toilet story. Ty FINALLY has teeth! On Thursday and Friday he cut his two bottom teeth. At almost 11 months old I thought for sure he would not have any teeth for his first birthday but I guess they decided to show up.