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January 31, 2009

I have a toilet again! (may be TMI)

I know its been a week since I posted but I have a very good excuse........my septic tank has full and backing up into my bath tub. Now you may ask why I couldn't post because of this? Well I have had no bathtub since last Saturday which also means I couldn't take a shower. Which means I didn't leave the house.....buy batteries for camera, and therefore have no new pictures to share since the camera was dead. Good reason? I thought so, if only it wasn't true.

So my septic tank was finally emptied today after a backhoe had to come in to dig up the frozen ground to get to it. At first we weren't sure if it could be emptied, something about it being so old and needing replaced that they thought it may collapse. That didn't happen thank goodness or I would be homeless and looking for someplace to live. So the tank was emptied and the back hoe piles the dirt and snow back on top again and leaves. I go into the bathroom to see if the very full bathtub and toilet will drain (Can you say GROSS!!!) and off course knowing my luck....it doesn't.

So off we go again to figure out what the problem is. Well the guys come over with an industrial snake and try to snake it. That doesn't work, they leave come back with a shop vac suck all the water out of the toilet (Xander thought it was very disgusting that they were sucking up the poop) take the toilet off and try to snake again. Meanwhile the boys are in the living room wanting to know why there is a snake in our toilet and if that's why its broken!

So eventually after attaching a big ass drill bit to the end of the snake and driving it down the very frozen pipe it finally cleared. VOILA......I have a toilet again,and can take a shower. I feel much better now. :)

So that's why I haven't written in days. Too much information right? :)

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Shannon said...

Ewe, Ewe! Gross, gross, gross! Yuck! What more can I say?