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January 19, 2009

The things that thrill a 10 month old

Tyler has discovered a new fascination and it is all I can do to keep him in the same room as me. As soon as I turn around he is gone and heading towards the laundry room. He has decided he likes to watch the washing machine. We have a front loader and it has a very nice little window that is just the right height for him. He will sit there and stare into that little window for the entire 40 minutes its on if I would let him.
He takes a break every once in awhile to go munch on some dog food ( in the same room) or play in the dog water. Then he scoots over to the bathroom where his tub toys are easily accessible ( this keeps him out of the toilet, at least for now). Then when he hears a new noise come from the washer he crawls as quick as he can back to the window to see what is new and exciting. He LOVES to watch the bubbles during the wash cycle and tries to touch them! Then when it starts to spin he he tries to peak in the window with his little nose pressed up against the glass.
Who needs toys, I can just do laundry all day to keep him occupied! So now you all know for his first birthday in 2 months, buy him a washing machine!