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April 19, 2009

More time outside

Not too much going on around here. It's still nice out ( except for a wee bit of snow yesterday) so the boys have been outside. Everybody is looking forward to our trip to North Carolina in a few weeks! Xander is REALLY excited and wakes up everyday asking if we are going today. Ty is still trying to cut those top teeth and has his top front one through and working on the one next to it (not the other middle one) So when it works its way through he is going to look really silly. Two bottom front teeth with one other bottom right, a top middle one and then a top right one. I guess the teeth on the left just don't want to appear. Here are a few pictures taken today while the boys were outside. Dylan just didn't really know what to do, he hadn't had a nap and I don't think he was very interested in playing. He really is an inside kid unless its REALLY warm out. I guess 7 degrees wasn't quite warm enough for him.