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April 14, 2009

Spring is here

It has finally warmed up here enough that the driveway is almost clear of snow. This gave the boys a chance to use their new bikes today. Dylan got a new big boy bike since he is a little too big for his tricycle now. Xander got moved up to 18 inch bike that has hand brakes and gears. He was just a little too big for the 16 inch this year so no more pedal brakes for him. It is taking him a bit to get used to since he keeps trying to push the pedals backwards to stop! Spring is definitely here, the boys were outside after Xander got home from school and then again after supper. If only it were dry out as well! Dylan as spent more time playing in the puddles and snow than riding his bike. It took him til halfway through the summer last year to get the hang of riding his bike and I suspect it will be the same this year. He prefers to just run after Xander.

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Canuk said...

Yeah!! We see pavement!