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April 23, 2009

My baby is getting so big!

Xander finally lost his first tooth yesterday. After wiggling it loose for a few weeks now he pulled it yesterday after school. He was just so excited when it finally came loose! He immediately put it upstairs beside his bed in a glass of water for the tooth fairy. I heard him wake up this morning at 6 am and start hollering to Dylan to wake up cause the tooth fairy had left him money! She left 4 shiny loonies in the cup for him.

The tooth he lost was the first tooth he ever got and it came in November 5th 2003. He was exactly 4 months old. The strange part of this is that Shannon's little girl Emma who is just three weeks older than Xander lost her first tooth today as well. She cut her first tooth at exactly 4 months old as well and they both lost them with in 24 hours of each other. Weird!

Here he is with his new gap! He is talking with a bit of a lisp now too since he keeps sticking his tongue into the hole!