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April 11, 2009

First Haircut

After trying unsuccessfully for several weeks to get Ty to New Liskeard to get his free first haircut at Magicuts and a gentle reminder from Meg, I decided to just cut it myself this morning.

Iwas actually dreading doing this because from past experience I know as soon as they get that first haircut there goes the baby look and they suddenly look like a little boy. I wanted to hold onto my last baby for just a little while longer. But after seeing him in a few recent pictures I decided that my baby had to go because this little boy needed a haircut badly!

I strapped him down in the highchair and sharpened up my hair scissors. One little cut and whoosh......there goes my little baby. He actually sat still for most of it although I did get a bit of a fuss when I wanted to cut the back.

So it is done, he has no little curls left at the back, I cut them all off. Ah well he looks prety darn cute still! Though I can't really decide who he looks more like now.....I still say Xander:)



It wasn't the haircut that upset him it was having no food on his tray!

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Shannon said...

Oh yeah! He is Xander. I can see some Dylan in him too but I think he is more Xander. What a cutie!