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February 23, 2009

Sleepy boys

Yesterdays Bill took the boys tobogganing with his cousin Ron and his son Bret (who is also Xander's best friend) When they got home they decided to play outside on our mini mountain outside. They were standing at the top of the snowbank and could see right in the kitchen window there is so much snow! I went out and took a few pictures but the windchill was down below -30 so I didn't stay out long. The next thing I hear when I come back in is Xander at the door yelling that Dy;an was stuck! I'm thinking where is he stuck? Its too bad I didn't grab the camera......Dylan was stuck in a snowbank up to his shoulders in front of the shed! I had to go into the snow to get him out and the bank was up past my waist! Poor Dylan, I think he will think twice about playing in that snow!After the boys came in we packed up and headed off to Bills parents house. I took the entire computer with me so I could take advantage of their high speed connection and download some new scrap kits. I also got some video uploaded of Ty learning to walk which in the past few days he has gotten quite good at. Well not really good but he is getting braver and keeps trying to walk everywhere instead of crawling. Until he falls after about 10 steps then he crawls the rest of the way!
So we were at Bills parents for the rest of the day and the boys were pretty tired after their busy day outside. They were both asleep on the couch by 7 pm and these pictures were taken at about 4 pm.