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February 05, 2009

More fun in a box

My boys love to play in big boxes and yesterday was no exception. Ty got a new carseat so there was a very neat looking box to play with so that is what Ty and Dylan did yesterday. It started off well and both boys were playing very well together. Then Ty got out of the box and Dylan didn't want to let him back in!

Well the box is still going and Dylan actually put a pillow and blanket in it and told me he wanted to sleep in it!

One of Dylan's favorite things to do when Xander is at school is bake with mommy. Yesterday he asked if we could make cookies and I told him yes. He likes to do everything himself. I put the dough on the cookie sheet and into the oven and he does the rest. He loves to use the mixer and add all the ingredients. We mad oatmeal chocolate chip cookies yesterday which turned out really well. Of course Dylan was not happy because he thought we should have put marshmallows in the cookies and announced after trying one that they were "disgusting' ! Of course they are almost all gone by tonight so they must not be too bad!This last one is what happens when we bake cookies and Ty is allowed to play in the kitchen!