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February 11, 2009

Bill and his boys.

Bill has been off for the past 6 days and goes back to work tomorrow. The boys love it when he is on his days off because they get to spend lots of quality time with daddy. Yesterday was no exception...

Xander had the day off school yesterday becasue it was freezing rain here. And he had a dentist appointment in the afternoon as well. He has been waiting for this appointment because his teeth have been really hurting him. He has two huge holes in two of his back molars. Food is constantly getting caught in them and they really hurt him. He brushes his teeth every day and flosses as well but he just seems to be prone to cavities. Well they filled one of his teeth yesterday and will do the other in April, it didn't matter which one they filled becasue they were both equally as bad. We were also told to keep an eye on the filling and if it gets infected the other will have to be pulled since the cavity was so deep. Not good considering they are molars and he won't be getting his adult ones for quite a few more years. They filled the tooth and gave him freezing needles to do it. On the way home he bit his lip REALLY bad, Bill had to take him to the ER to get it checked he had bit it so deeply. He didn't even feel it because he was frozen still. Well he was fine and we were told it would heal on its own quickly since it was on the inside of his mouth. Even today his lip is still quite swollen but is healing up. Here is a picture of when he got home yesterday...those are stickers on his face he got from the dentist :)

The afternoon after the dentist started out nice and quite with the boys and Bill lying on the couch watching the boys new favourite movie (Mama Mia, who would have guessed that?)

Well the quiet did not last...the next thing I know I look over and the boys had stripped down to their underwear and were pretending to be "The Hulk" and beat up daddy while he 'napped'. Even Ty was joining in on the fun!

Well the fun for Dylan didn't stop yesterday.....it was 3 degrees out today so Dylan and Bill went outside to play in the snow! They bulit a snowman and daddy got down on the ground to show Dylan how to make a snow angel. This was very exciting for Fylan since he has never made a snowman. We may have a lot of snow here but it is always to cold for it to pack so snowmen don't happen a lot. Dylan also hates the cold and usually only lasts about 10 minutes vefore he wants to come back in. Today he stayed out there for over 2 hours!

And here is Bill making a snow angel for Dylan....