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February 19, 2009

Siggy, Siggy , Siggy......

Siggy....you may be wondering what I am talking about but most people that know me also know that I have recently become siggy -a -holic! I LOVE to make siggies for people, I love getting new pictures of other people to work with all the time and the challenge of creating interesting layouts in a tiny little space.

For the past few days I have been making a few new siggies for people as well as for myself. I have a great teacher who has been teaching me a few new tricks. I have recently learned animation and my newest trick is having the pictures fade in and out! I love it, such a cool little tool. Here is an example of what I learned to do ....Hopefully that fades right on this blogger program!

So that's my new trick....isn't it awesome! I was also working on a few more and a couple for myself as well. But I can't decide which one I like more. So I am leaving it up to you all ( I know your out there reading this) to leave me a comment ( yes you have to sign up, but isn't it worth it to talk to me???) and tell me which one I should use.
Number 1.....
Or Number 2....... Don't forget......tell me which one is better!
And just for kicks.....here is another one I did yesterday.

1 Comment:

Grandma said...

I like the number 2 best with the hands!!