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May 17, 2011

Day in between

I had already posted my Day 134 picture but then I went out last night and took this.  It's not Day 134 or 135 but more of an in between.

The big tall thing in the background is a headframe. It's what holds the cage (big elevator) that take the men and equipment underground into the mine. *I think*  Don't quote me on that, I'm just a miners wife who really doesn't listen well when my husband tries to explain these things to me.

Not because I don't care....more like not wanting to know so that I don't worry as much when he goes to work.  I like to pretend his job is not dangerous......till he comes home and tells me what size of rock fell on his head that day.  *not a big fan of that*

This is not the mine that he works at.  This is the one about 2 km from our house that blasts everyday at 5:30 pm and causes all the windows in my house to rattle and makes me think something is exploding.  Oh what something is....thankfully it's a few km away :)