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May 17, 2011

Day 136 Puppy Treats

I went to the store to get dog food today and decided to buy the boys a little treat.  My boxer hooch smelled the contents of the bag as soon as I walked in.  He managed to completely devour his pigs ear in less than ten minutes.  So fast in fact that by the time I had my camera out his was gone.

  The puppy Harley on the other hand wasn't to sure what it was I was giving him. He kept running all over the house with it in his mouth waiting to see if I was going to scold him for chewing something he wasn't supposed to!

He managed to keep it for over an hour before Hooch got a hold of it, then it was gone in minutes.  


Kristal said...

LOL... my puppy plays with her treats first like they are a toy then devours them!

Nancy said...

Oh, how cute is that! Love the series of shots. :)

Tracy said...

Cute. Can't tell form pics...how is his eye?

Kara said...

haha he's cute!