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May 18, 2011

Day 137 Dylan ♥♥

My baby turns 6 tomorrow.  

Where did all those years go?

Now it is all I can do to drag him outside to take his birthday pictures.  He HAD to bring a snack with him in the van tonight in case he got hungry with all the modeling he had to do.  

What does he grab?  An egg.

I had made hard boiled eggs to go in our salad tonight and there were leftovers.  He brought one with him on the road.  When the pictures were done he asked for his egg which I had stuck in my camera bag for safe keeping.  I went to crack it to peel off the shell and discovered that just because he will be 6 tomorrow does not mean he is a whole lot smarter.

The child grabbed the egg from the carton instead of one of the boiled ones.  It smashed all over me!  Well at least it didn't break inside my bag ;)

So without further ado I give you Dylan....my soon to be in a few hours 6 year old!


Brooke said...

Ca-ute! <3 the train tracks! And I love the freckly nose!!

Carrie said...

What a cutie pie. Thank goodness it didn't break in your bag. What a mess that would've been. Happy birthday to him!

Kristal said...

Oh goodness. I'm so glad the egg didn't break in your bag! What a great memory connected with those shots!

Jennifer Thompson said...

Thank goodness it didn't break!
Happy Birthday Dylan

Tracy said...

Love the first 2 shots...they grow fast!

Kara said...

great pictures!!