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January 09, 2011

Day 9 My Moo's Mama!

Photography wise today was a very busy day. I had a photo shoot involving 13 people, 11 of them under the age of 14.  I don't have a peak for you yet but if you check HERE sometime in the next couple days you can check it out. 

So my photo of the day? 

My new slippers :)  

After a busy morning taking pictures I then drove to Timmins to do groceries since my 'Three Blue Eyed Boys' eat me out of house and home every week!  (What am I going to do when they are teenagers?)  I  went to Walmart to do my shopping and while I was there I grabbed these fabulous new cow slippers :)  My old ones were getting a little on the rough side and they got done in while I was painting.    I put these babies on when I got home and as soon as I sat down Ty came up took them off my feet and put them on his feet.  He then proceeded to point at me and very sternly say " My moo's mama!"  and then he walked away.......  

I may have a fight on my hands to keep my new slippers :)

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Jennifer Thompson said...

How's the battle going? Are you wearing the Moo Moo's? lol