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January 08, 2011

Day 8 Some Light Reading

Last night I curled up in bed with my Nook to do a little reading.  Tyler was not yet asleep and out in the living room with Bill.  He came in a little while later and decided he wanted to do some light reading as well.  Instead of grabbing his own books he grabbed a novel from my night stand and curled up beside me in bed.  Then he promptly fell asleep!  I guess Jude Deveraux was too much for him!

We started on Dylan's room today.  Bill was not impressed because he can not STAND painting, but I wasn't doing it myself and he is off for the next couple of days :)

He was also unimpressed when I put down my paint brush to get my camera!  I guess I was supposed to be painting not taking pictures of him painting, but hey I needed my picture for the day!

I want to put a large white strip at the top of the wall and do some stencils of moons and stars in it.  Lets see if I can convince Bill!  I may be on my own for that.