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January 07, 2011

Day 7 Holy Blue!

This morning started out with Dylan waking up at 5am with a sore stomach, would later find out it was not just sore as he threw up everywhere.  That was at 8 am, 2 hours later he was running all over.  So instead of Bill and I canceling our trip to Timmins to get supplies to finish up the bathroom renovation we packed him up in the van and brought him with us.  He brought a bucket just in case and thankfully there was no incident in my new van.

Off we went to Canadian Tire where I purchased a new shower head (I got brown paint all over the old one) a new toilet seat ( I managed to break the old one standing on it to paint the ceiling) and new towel rods (which lucky for me were on sale!). While we were there we let Dylan pick out a colour for his room which is next on list to paint.  I was slightly worried that letting a 5 year old pick out paint would lead to a horrible wall colour, but the kid didn't do too bad.  The new colour?  Blue Streak.  And boy is it ever blue,  but he his quite thrilled that we get to paint his walls with the colour he chose :)

Thanks for looking!


Jennifer Thompson said...

It's very close to the colour Nolan picked out for his room. Don't worry it looks great when done! Are you doing a border on top? If not I have a trick so you don't paint the ceiling.

Congrats...week one done!

Andrea said...

Nope no border, ceiling is getting done in white. Whats the trick?

Jennifer Thompson said...

Use the 1 inch painters tape (the green stuff) and tape the top. It gives you enough room to be able to use the roller all the way up the wall without getting the ceiling. It also looks really good when it's done.