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May 08, 2010

Day 127 & 128 I may actually cry

I never thought I would have a possession that I would LOVE so much I would cry if it was gone

My kids....yes would definitely cry over one of them being gone.

*Well only if they were gone longer than a few days....a few days away would be nice*

My dog being gone......yup would cry over that

My husband.....yup, even him!

But a possession?

 No way, I couldn't possibly love an inanimate object so much

Then the UNTHINKABLE happened

I lost the charger for my camera battery.



I am wandering around unsure what to do with myself

What on earth happened to me?

So no pictures.....*crying*

Yes you can laugh at me now if you wish but this is a very traumatic event in my life

A new one has been ordered, just have to learn to live without a camera at my hip for another week *sob*