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May 06, 2010

Day 126 New class

Tonight I started another photography class.  This one is a little more advanced than the last one and the teacher is fabulous.   Unlike my last class this one is at the college and we have the computers in front of us for editing and taking pictures in class.  There is only 6 of of us in the class and I think it will be a great experience.  Tonight we started a lesson on black and white photography.  Since it was the first night we all changed our cameras over to monochrome and took the pictures in black and white instead of editing after.  This was so we could try and visualize the tone of what we were taking, and what it would like in B&W.  It was fun walking around trying to find things in the classroom that would have good tone to them.  I think I will enjoy this class and its always nice to get out of the house for 3 hours by myself once a week!  

In other news......this may be my last post for a bit.  My battery is dead in my camera and I have searched the house high and low and can not find my charger :(  I took it to Ottawa with me for the wedding and have not seen it since.  I remember grabbing it and sticking it in a bag when we left the hotel but can't find it now.  Hopefully I find it soon since I have no way of taking any pictures for class if I don't, and there is no way I can get another one before next week.