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May 09, 2010

Day 129 Happy Mother's Day!

I still have no camera *insert tear here*    I know you are all so upset because you don't get to see a picture of my fabulous Mother's day gifts.  When I actually  manage to translate the card Xander made me I will be happy to share it with you.  I did decipher something about mommy is a pretty as the clouds and as happy as a bunny.......I think he maybe just looked around for words he knew how to spell.  LOL

My morning started out coming down stairs to Ty puking up yogurt everywhere, Xander cranky and screaming from being overtired, and Dylan standing there naked claiming he had no clothes to wear. 

Oh the life of a mom........where is Daddy during all this?  Making me a wonderful mothers' Day brunch?  Out buying me a great present for doing such a wonderful job with his children?   Nope, don't I wish.  He was up in bed after just working all night.  I was on my own for the day.  He did however wake up just in time to come into town with me to do groceries.  Well he went to Tim Horton's and I went to the grocery store myself.    Someone remind me of this when Father's Day comes around next month.

So while I was at the grocery store I got the idea that if I bought some new batteries for Xander's camera I could use it for the week.  Better than nothing right?  HAHA  Xander would have none of it.  The batteries in his camera died about 2 weeks ago and he has been asking for new batteries for 2 weeks.  I was not getting near that camera :(  So I will show you his pictures instead.   He was practicing on flowers again, but getting frustrated outside because he couldn't step into the neighbours flower bed to get a close up picture of the tulip.  So I suggested he try on my flowers instead.   Not bad for an almost 7 year old.......