Welcome to my crazy life. Once again I am attempting a 365 project, one picture every day for a year. Comments and feedback are always welcome. Thanks for stopping by :)

April 04, 2010

Day 94 {Another insert picture here}

Today we drove 9 hours back home, stopped to pick up our dog, dropped him off at home then drove another hour to go pick up the kids.   It was a LONG ride especially with a slight hangover from the night out  before.  Although considering its the first time in years Bill and I have been out together at a social event with out kids it was worth my upset stomach and headache.

So needless to say by the time we got home for good that night and unpacked the car I was not in the mood to take a picture.  I was thinking about just taking a picture on the drive but then realized I had taken all my SD cards out with the wedding pictures on them and packed them away......I didn't have anymore left :(   SO  insert a picture here.....maybe just picture a pic of me sitting in the van with my Vanilla latte from Starbucks that I enjoyed so much!  Why is there no Starbucks within 4 hours of me?  I could get used to that latte! mmmmmm  All the possibilities......okay post over need to go make some coffee:)