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April 28, 2010

Day 118 Why I don't Shop for Bill

I put my foot down * snicker* 

He HAD to throw them out.

I mean who wears jeans after the have a tear half way up the leg and a whole in the knee?

Not to mention the fact that he has lost weight, gone down a pant size and they would fall to his knees as he walked if he didn't wear a belt. 

I guess he finally listened and and I found this in the garbage.

So being the 'NICE' wife that I am I stopped in at the store and grabbed a couple pairs of jeans when I went to the grocery store last night. 

I thought they were okay...  apparently he needs to try the jeans on before he buys them ( which is a miracle that he will actually do this now) 

Neither pair fit.  He lost weight in his waist but I guess his ass is still the same size!  LOL

So back to the store they will go.  And this time he is coming with me to buy his own jeans!