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April 27, 2010

Day 117 Wet but Fun!

Dylan received a Cars colour changer set for Easter.....though Nana was not too happy with this gift since it involves water and he spent Easter at her house!  LOL

Since then Ty has been trying to get this fun toy from him and I finally let him play with it while Dylan was at school.  SHHHH  don't tell Dylan since he is not to keen on sharing his new toys with his little brother. 

Ty discovered that if you put the car into warm water it changes colour,  then squirt cold water on it and it changes back again!    This provided a good hour of entertainment for Tyler although my kitchen table and floor were soaked by the time he was done.   And so was he!

In other news.......I am finally calibrated!  Wow what a difference,  I had no idea my browser at the top was supposed to be greyish blue,  I always thought it was light blue almost white!     I can just imagine what some of my pictures have looked like since my monitor colour was so off!  Not like this going to improve my photography in any way but it can't hurt.  I think the only way my pictures will improve is to actually get out there and take some pictures!  I'm getting a little too comfortable with the same old snap shots of the kids and need to get out there.  Maybe tomorrow?