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April 29, 2010

Day 119 Grilling time! Maybe?

We went and bought a new BBQ today!  I was sick of not being able to grill anything because our grill refuses to work properly.  See THIS post to see what I mean.    Bill was searching around trying to find one already put together since he HATES putting them together, no such luck though.    He got it home and went to put it together and found the english instructions were missing.  So he had to follow the instructions in french.....

I was a BIG help when it came to putting it together......taking pictures of him cursing  and playing with parts is helping right?

Okay so not so much of a help.....but hey I can't read french!   So I went and played with the kids.

Ty decided to jump on the trampoline,  don't ask where his other shoe is,  I have NO clue what happened to it.

                            Then Xander decided to help him out....but first had to show me what he can do!

Then since I had my camera out the boys let me take their picture.... Dylan as always gives a nice smile, Xander not so much.

Ty decided he wanted on the swing......only problem being that the baby swing was not on since the set only has room for one swing.   He looked so pathetic sitting there trying to swing that Xander went and got his baby swing for him.  What a good big brother he is!

Mean while.......Bill is still putting the BBQ togther with french instructions.

I would show you how it turned out but I wasn't staying out there that late waiting for him to finish!