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April 22, 2010

Day 112 circa 1983....

Last week we went to the used store to find pieces for the kids costumes for dress up day at school.  While we were there I went to the kitchen section and came across a Wilton cake pan that Xander jumped on as soon as he saw it.  A 1983 He-Man cake pan.  SCORE!!!  I had to search on the internet to find the instructions for it, and it is supposed to come with a face plate for He-Mans face.  Since it was my Brother-in-law that got Xander hooked on He-Man and his Birthday is coming up next week I made the cake for him to try it out before Xander's birthday in June.  By 11 pm when I finally got it almost done ( didn't start til 9) I had no desire to try and put a face on He-Man so I cut out the face plate picture I had and stuck it on!  LOL  So here it is  a birthday cake for Sam who is turning 30 on the 30th!  Just what he always wanted for his 30th birthday .......a kids He-Man cake!

Before I started the cake the boys took Gramma and Grandpa on a little walk in the back and I grabbed the camera to get a few pictures.  Ty wasn't exactly being cooperative and did NOT want to be held for a picture when there was lots of running in the bush to do.   But  a got a few good ones......but not till after this happened.

A quick trip back to the house to get something to clean him up and we were good to go again :)

Thanks for looking :)