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April 23, 2010

Day 113 Scaredy Squirrel and Captain Hook

It was Book Character dress up day at school today.  I went to Michael's craft store and bought some foam sheets and Bill made Dylan a fabulous Scaredy Squirrel costume!  Good thing at least one of us is crafty!  Dylan came home with a ribbon for winning the Most Original Costume for the school.  He got to go to the Gym and get his ribbon and picture taken.....not something he was too happy about since like Scaredy Squirrel he does NOT like to do new things.  He was very proud when he came home with a ribbon though :)

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SarahEm1 said...

Love the costume! Great job! I found your site because I'm desperately trying to make a scaredy squirrel costume for literary character parade at my son's school. Thanks for a great idea.