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March 30, 2010

Dya 89 {noise}

I was standing outside today in the beautiful sunshine deciding what I should take a picture of for the day.  The next thing I know I hear a weird noise in the bush.....the first thought that occurs to me is that it is probably some animal or snake rustling through the brush, after all I live in the bush.  I go to take a closer look since the noise keeps going and not from a specific spot either.  In all my years I don't' know why I never noticed that in early spring the bark of some trees comes off.....its like paper bits flying around in the wind.  It was windy yesterday and the wind was whipping the bark off the trees beside the house to make room for the new bark to grow.  I guess I always new this happened but had never seen it before......what a NOISE it makes!   Well at least I know what it is now so I don't' think there is a big snake rustling under the brush like I did today!