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March 29, 2010

Day 88 { Easter pics}

Today I decided to try and get some pictures of Ty for Easter....I didn't do a birthday shoot with him so figured Easter was close enough.  Alfie the bunny was behaving perfectly after being bribed with a carrot.  Ty on the other hand wanted nothing to do with sitting nicely for me.  I guess it didn't help that I was being lazy and didn't feel like moving all my furniture so I only had about 2 feet of room to work with.  Oh well,  not great shots but the memories are there so that's all that matters :)

And just a quick note that for some reason i can not post a comment to my blog or anybody elses for some reason......not sure why but I  can't figure it out.   So Jen the answer to your question in a previous blog,  yes Alfie is our bunny.  The kids got him a few years ago and he lives in front porch because he refuses to be in a cage :)

Thanks for looking!

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Jennifer said...

You're still having problems with Blogger? Sorry to hear that. :( Great pictures and of course adorable subjects. :)