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February 17, 2010

Day 48 {Cat litter}

I really do love my cat but 10 years later I still HATE changing the cat litter,  I leave it as long as possible before I change it because I can't stand going near it.  it is upstairs hidden away in a little cubby and the only thing that can fit back there is the cat.  Which is good since that means the dog (and Tyler) can't get to it, unfortunately it also means its hard for me to get to it.

So last night I decided it had to be changed because I could smell it and it was GROSS!  So 10:30 at night I get the brilliant idea that I will empty it.  

I really need to check to see if I actually have more litter before I go dumping it all out :(  Sure enough I was completely out and I had already disposed of the old stuff.  So I dumped in some of the rabbits wood chips, lit a scented candle and left it for the night. ( not the candle)

I bought kitty litter today but my hubby being the man that he is ignored me when I asked him to carry the 18 kg box up the stairs for me.  Grrrrr

  So I had to carry that darn thing all the way upstairs, and try to fit into the little corner where the litter is and fill it up.    All 18 kg of it!   I do love my cat but I really wish  he was an outdoor cat some days.