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February 04, 2010

Day 35 { Proud Olympic spirit}

Yes you are reading right day 35......I did it, I admit it, I MISSED 2 days in row.  I will not lie, I totally forgot.  I got busy reading a book and reading a bunch of stuff online about some lighting issues I was having and forgot :(  I guess I could have just posted a different picture and said it was from those days but I will tell the truth.....I forgot!  LOL

So for today.....Took the boys to New Liskeard today to get them haircuts.  Both of them were getting pretty straggly looking and needed cuts bad.  Bill and Ty went here in town for cuts in the afternoon when the boys were at school.  Xander has become obsessed with the upcoming Olympic games and was determined to get a pair of the red mittens he keeps seeing everywhere.  So while we were in town we went to Zellers and got them proudly outfitted with Olympic gear. They both picked out the red mitts and Dylan got a touque and Xander a scarf.  Dylan wanted to go to bed wearing his new mitts!  LOL


And the next morning all ready for school :)