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February 03, 2010

Day 32 {Why don't baby gates work?}

I used child locks and all that jazz with the other two boys and never had a problem.  Ty on the other hand is becoming a handful, he climbs over any type of gate  (including his crib)  and now opens doorknobs :(  Now with the other boys they actually stayed on the one side of a baby gate and when it came to doors I would put those little handles on the knob to stop them from opening them.  With Ty the gate does nothing to even slow him down and I can't FIND any of the door know things around here!  I have searched everywhere and they are no where to be found.  I have a feeling I may have to go for a long derive to get some.......Hopefully Timmins will have them.  Its mostly to keep him out of the bathroom and away from the toilet, which apparently is fun to flush.   Some one suggested I get a toilet latch but after thinking about it I had this vision of Dylan running to the bathroom and peeing all over the floor because he couldn't get it open! 

Where you may ask is all this coming from?  Ty has been obsessed for a week now with climbing onto the washing machine and dancing around on it.   Unfortunately he is also getting into the laundry soap that is there as well.

After hours spent with me going in to the washing machine every ten minutes and getting him off he finally wore himself out :)


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