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January 31, 2010

Day 31 {I made it whole month!}

I did it!  I made it an entire month and didn't miss a day.  One month down eleven to go.  Tonight I pulled out my black seamless paper again for my homework assignment for class.  Although I do like the brown better with the boys and it is easier to work with and light I need to figure out the black.  So I took the advice from my father which I forgot last time I used it and remembered that black absorbs light therefore turning it gray.  I guess I pay enough attention when I read things because it took my dad telling me what to do to figure it out.......maybe he needs to get a photography hobby?  LOL   

So with my lightening set up a little different this time I tried again.  I did not have to turn the background black this time....it actually stayed that way.  I hope I am moving in the right direction for this. So here are a few that I really liked.   Although I wished I had noticed the 2 big finger print smudges on my lens BEFORE I had started.  they were slightly difficult to work around.  Note to self: Always check for fingerprints before taking a hundred pictures.



Thanks for looking :)

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Shannon said...

Adorable photos! Congrats on making it an entire month. How did you change your lighting to get it to stay black?