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January 12, 2010

Day 12 {what is that smell?}

Today I spent the day with my camera glued to my hip.  I have a whole bunch of pictures to take for my photography class, I will not share them all here since they are a whole lot of random pictures of weird stuff.  I will however share one I caught on camera this morning.  I was doing dishes and Ty somehow managed to find him self a milk crate and use it as a stool to reach the sink.  He was trying to be helpful, but just kept pushing me out of the way to stick his hands in the sink and  say "hot" when he put his hands in the water.  Well it took quite a while but I did manage to get the dishes done.

After I was done the dishes I noticed a strange smell in the kitchen still.  After searching everywhere for the cause of it I finally opened the oven and discovered that Bill had left a broiler pan filled with grease and two hamburgers still on it in there!  EWWWW  So after disposing of the hamburgers and washing the pan the kitchen started smelling a little better :)  After that I went to get a nice cup of coffee and ended up having to use a travel mug with no lid.  ALL of my mugs seem to have disappeared!  I looked all around the house and can't find any of them .  Then I look in the cupboard and discovered I only have 2 glasses ( not plastic kids cups) left!  I swear three weeks ago I had about 15 of them!  I'm not really sure where all my cups have gone but I have a sneaking suspicion that Tyler and a garbage can may be involved.

So out I go to the grocery store and while I was there I bought myself 2 new coffee mugs because I was not really liking drinking my coffee out of a travel mug with no lid!    Aren't they pretty?  And BIG too!

Oh I also bought a new febreeze candle and some Air wick refills to help with the kitchen smell and oven cleaner  :)