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May 21, 2011

Day 140 aCrazy Kids!!!

At one point today there were 17 children in my backyard...the oldest was my own almost 8 year old.  I was actually considering turning towards my van and running to it keys in hand as fast as I can to get away.  

Okay it really wasn't that bad and Dylan had a blast with all his friends.  

Cupcake decorating with candy :)

What fun is a party without a bounce on the trampoline? 
Pigtails flying and all!

Dylan and Chloe sitting in a tree....... Melissa might be my sister in law some day :)

All the other pics of these two involve Chloe pointing a finger at Dylan telling him he had to smile nice so she could have a nice picture with him....he obeyed :)  LOL

Pinata?  I'm not sure how many kids managed to hit Bill with the hockey stick while he directed them towards the thing but I think this may be the LAST pinata at our house!