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May 20, 2011

Day 139 Busy Busy

I am really starting to mess up this 365 thing.  I think by the end of it it will be more project 355.   

So today I spent the day running around trying to get all my shopping done before the stores closed for the long weekend, get all the stuff together for a birthday party tomorrow and then finish off with my Zumba class that night.  Then after Zumba I was up until 1 am making cupcakes for the birthday party.  

Okay sob story over...but I didn't remember to take a picture. 


Nancy said...

I amazed you were able to post! Hope you are having a nice weekend with your family. :)

Andrea said...

LOL Our long weekend was LAST weekend. I'm over a week behind in pictures. Trying really hard to spend this weekend editing and getting caught up :)