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April 19, 2011

Day 109 Plasma cars

A package showed up at my door today, it was my 2 older boys birthday presents.  There birthdays are not for another month but Grandma wanted to make sure they got here on time.  I guess she didn't realize the package was getting shipped overnight delivery! 

So when the boys got home from school today there was a surprise of 2 blue plasma cars awaiting them. I had never really seen a plasma car before last year but my husband says he used to play on them at school when he was a kid so I guess they have been around awhile.    He must have really enjoyed them as a kid because the next thing I knew my kitchen table had been shoved to the side and him and Xander were racing around the kitchen on them!

They kids have been having a blast with them so far.

And Xander even recorded a video for his grandparents to demonstrate how they work and say thank you :)


Jennifer Thompson said...

Those look cool! Forget the kids your hubby has the right idea, I want one!
Could you imagine a group of adults (a few drinks) and Plasma cars. lol

Jaime said...

That first one is great! I've never heard of these before, but they look like fun.

Tracy said...


Flower Photography said...

Haha they look great! Love daddy on it too!