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April 18, 2011

Day 108 The many faces of Dylan

Dylan decided I could take his picture tonight.

That does not necessarily mean he will cooperate and smile nice...just means that I am allowed to stand their with my camera.

I had to capture all the cute little freckles he is getting all over his face since he has been playing outside more lately.

I love taking his picture...I always get the oddest faces that he only ever makes when I point a camera at him.  

I think the look basically says 'Mommy why do you make me do this?"


Susan said...

These are gorgeous! His blue eyes are amazing.

Tiffany said...

They turned out beautiful...your title doesn't lie, those are blue eyes! My boys do not like to have their pictures taken...thankfully June does not complain too often:) Thanks for the visit.


Tracy said...

Love the first one and the freckles!!! So nice of him to LET you.

Kara said...

beautiful eyes, and cute freckles!

Flower Photography said...

What a sweet face!!