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March 31, 2011

Day 90 A little me time ;)

It's Thursday night, hubby is on nights and I am home with three kids.   Time to make a plan.

5:00:  Get the homework done.

5:15 : Put Ty on the potty

5:30: Start dinner while Dylan colours at the kitchen table (his drawing included me crying because he ate all my dinner, strange child)

5:45: put Ty on potty then let Dylan put toppings on his pizza

6:00: eat dinner

6:20: finish eating and listening to kids fight over everything. Put Ty on potty again (okay I will stop including this but it continues every half hour for the rest of the night)

6:30: clean up, do laundry, and get kids ready for bath

7:30:  Three bathed kids in pj's and watching TV till bedtime

8:00:  BEDTIME!!!!   Oh wait Ty won't go to sleep since he was still asleep at 5 pm

8:20:  Download the new Sweet Valley Confidential book onto my Nook  ( Oh how I missed the Wakefield twins)

8:30: Call my sister and chat about how excited I am getting for 9 pm.....

Yep it's Thursday....okay Ty go to  bed now it's mommy time.

Here we go......my favourite night of the week.

Time to sit back, relax and  watch Grey's :)  

And just for kicks why not turn it into an episode of Glee........ AWESOME!  

Well except for a few of the actors who quite obviously could not sing.  

So that was my night.....and of course a Thursday night would not be complete with out watching Private Practice as well ;)


Tracy said...

What a NIGHT!

We don't watch "TV" but we do have Netflix. I have Grey's Season 1 in my Instant Q to start soon. I do like Patrick D. so I hope I like it.

trocarlady said...

OMG I Saw that in Coles yesterday!!! You so have to send me the link to download! lol.... I LOVED Sweet Valley Jr., High & High.... Jessica and Elizabeth.... I loved Jessica!!!

Andrea said...

Carrie you can't download it for the computer...I bought it and put it on my Nook.

Tracy....you will LOVE Grey's!!

Jaime said...

Grey's fan here too!! Love the foot prop perspective. :)

Jennifer said...

I had completely forgotten about Sweet Valley - I used to read those too!

I watched Greys last night and didn't like it at all unfortunately. The singing wasn't very good and the whole thing was just weird to me. :(